Symposia 2018

Saving Money Through Sustainability: How eco-friendly practices are better for business

Friday, 14 September 2018
13:30 – 15:00

Tom Grimm

Name: Tom Grimm, President, Green Footprint Solutions Ltd.

Title of Talk: Green Clean Scene – Making Good Bacteria Work for Us

Bio: Tom has more than 30 years of experience in marketing and application of earth friendly technologies including energy efficient lighting, building energy management systems and biotechnology.  He has worked in major corporations as well as small entrepreneurial businesses.  Tom holds a BS and MS in Engineering from Carnegie-Mellon University in the US. Currently Tom’s focus is bringing a safe, “green” alternative to toxic chemical cleaning practices and water sanitation.   Tom was the first to introduce InnuScience biotechnology cleaning and bio-remediation products to Thailand in 2013 and is now involved in bringing those products to other ASEAN countries. Originally from New York, Tom now calls Bangkok his home.

Patricio Gonzalez MorelName: Patricio Gonzalez Morel, Sustainability and Resource Efficiency Consultant

Title of Talk: Sustainability and profitability in the hotel industry

Bio: Patricio is an engineer with 20 years of experience in sustainability and pollution prevention, which he employs to help companies become more profitable and sustainable by using water, energy, materials and chemicals more efficiently in their operations. He is an expert in resources conservation in the hotel industry, and has conducted detailed sustainability assessments in countless hotels across the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa. Through this work he has been able to amply demonstrate that low-cost and high-return equipment and operational upgrades can generally reduce a property’s utility costs by 20 to 40% while significantly enhancing its environmental performance.  


Name: John Williams, General Manager, Luang Prabang View Hotel

Title of Talk: Saving Money Through Sustainability: How eco-friendly practices are better for business

Bio: Dedicated manager who looks at sustainability through the hotel and beyond. It’s not a game or competition – its a normal way of life!

Why Sustainability Communication Matters: Improving the guest experience

Saturday, 15 September 2018
13:30 – 15:00

Xavier Font

Name: Dr. Xavier Font, Professor, University of Surrey

Title of Talk: Five benefits of sustainable tourism communication

Bio: Dr Xavier Font is professor of sustainability marketing at the University of Surrey, UK. He researches and develops methods of sustainable tourism production and consumption. He is the most published academic in the world in sustainable tourism certification, and has consulted on sustainable product development, marketing and communication for UNEP, UNCTAD, UNWTO, IFC, EC, VisitEngland, Fáilte Ireland, WWF and the Travel Foundation amongst others.  He has conducted over 130 courses for more than 2500 businesses on how to market and communicate sustainability.

nia-klatte-1.jpgName: Nia Klatte, Sustainability Coordinator Laos & Vietnam, EXO Travel

Title of Talk: Mainstreaming Responsible Tourism

Bio: Nia Klatte is a responsible tourism specialist with experience in sustainability certifications. With her BBA in Tourism Management and her MA in Tourism & Social Anthropology, she has worked for the Community Based Tourism Institute Thailand and the Pacific Asia Tourism Association. She joined EXO Travel Thailand in 2015 as the Sustainability Coordinator, developing and implementing EXO Travel’s sustainability policies and initiatives. Since January 2018, she has taken over the Sustainability Coordinator role at EXO Travel Laos & Vietnam, overseeing all CSR and charity related activities in both countries.


Name: Dr. Steve Newman, Group Sustainability Director, Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts

Title of Talk: Sustainability engagement, awareness and stewardship in tourism

Bio: Dr. Steve Newman is Banyan Tree’s Group Sustainability Director and Coordinating Director of Banyan Tree Global Foundation. Coming from an academic background, Steve brings a science-based approach to sustainability: developing and driving sustainable social, environmental and operational initiatives, and supporting our CSR teams in 24 countries through Banyan Tree Global Foundation. Steve holds a PhD in Marine Ecology, with a background in environmental modeling and climate change, and 20 years’ experience in academia, non-governmental organisations and the private sector.

“How Can I Help Local Children?”: Answering challenging questions from guests

Saturday, 15 September 2018
15:30 – 17:00

SuzyName: Soudsaichay (Suzy) Baudrez, Technical Coordinator, Friends-International

Title of Talk: How can travellers and the tourism industry play their role in protecting children in Laos?

Bio: Passionate about responsible tourism and volunteering, Suzy has worked for the ChildSafe Movement in Siem Reap, Cambodia advising the tourism industry on best practices and ChildSafe Certification. Currently working for Friends-International and the ChildSafe Movement in Laos, she is here to present us the Child Welfare and the Travel Industry Global Good Practice Guidelines and how the tourism industry can play their part in protecting children in Laos.

chantha-souliyasak.jpgName: Chantha Souliyasak, Director, Luang Prabang Library

Title of Talk: Luang Prabang Library – supporting children’s literacy, hygiene, and girl’s empowerment

Bio: Chantha Souliyasak has been involved in children’s education and development since 1998, when she was first a volunteer at the Children’s Cultural Centre. She graduated from the Luang Prabang Teacher’s Training College in 1999, and was employed by CCC until 2004, when she was brought in to run the Luang Prabang Library, including summer programmes, hygiene education, and literacy promotion. Chantha has been a local coordinator of numerous donor-supported programmes including the Library Boat (Community Learning International), Book Tuk-Tuk, and Laos Girls Teen Project.

Dr Viengsavang Lao Red CrossName: Dr. Viengsavanh Kaseumsuk, Director, Lao Red Cross Luang Prabang Branch

Title of Talk: Realising the full potential of children through health, education, child rights, nutrition, hygiene and environmental conservation

Bio: I am a Medical Doctor, with a Masters degree in Public Health from Thailand. My professional career started as the Director of the District hospital in Pak Ou. Over the next 26 years I have been with the Public Health Department in various positions, including in the position of Health Manager. I moved to Lao Red Cross as Director of Luang Prabang Branch from 1st of September 2017. With dedication and passion, I have been helping the children and women from remote communities for their welfare and development. Over the next few years, my goal is to expand the Lao Red Cross Luang Prabang Branch activities to reach those needy children women and their communities, and to make the Lao Red Cross a financially capable branch to provide support to the communities at the time of disasters.


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